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Looking for a way to prove your library’s value in today’s modern world?  Wish you had clear insights to show the growth in patron WiFi usage?  Would you prefer to make data-driven decisions instead of gut reactions?  We can help.  With automated monitoring of your wireless networks and crystal clear reporting that anyone can interpret, we make it easy to see how patrons are using your library. Library directors across the nation are using this information to demonstrate their value and support decisions that increase their impact on the community.

The community has already chosen you as a preferred, safe environment to use the internet.  Most patrons now bring their own devices to the library which is why public access computer usage has declined.  Isn’t it time that you had numbers to support what you’re experiencing?  Schedule a demo today to learn how library directors are improving their libraries and delighting their boards with these new insights.

Connecting public libraries with the information they need to tell their story and support their decisions.

Easy to Use

WhoFi 's patent pending technology is designed with the average user in mind, so you don’t have to be an IT whiz or mathematician to understand your information. Your reports are easy to access and presented in way that’s easily interpreted. This allows them to be used often by the director and others on your team to aid in the decision-making process.

Private and Secure

Patrons use provided library computers less often than they used to, often opting to bring their own devices and use the WiFi connection. These patrons expect a high degree of privacy, just as if they were at home. All reports and statistics provided respect the privacy of your patrons, and are generated without requiring or storing their personally-identifying information.

Wireless Session Counts and Valuable Insights

Our service provides WiFi session count information to public libraries across the country to meet the requirement of the Public Library Survey. In addition, we are helping directors make data driven decisions by showing WiFi usage patterns of new vs. return visitation, visitation frequency, peak hours, WiFi usage duration and more.

Continuously Improved

Our service is continuously evolving through feedback from our library partners and state requirements. This feedback helps guide additional reporting features designed to help tell the story of the value libraries bring to their communities and guide decisions regarding program selection, program schedules, community impact, and more.

Get the Insights you Need

We offer a peek behind the curtain, giving you valuable information you can use to make better, data-influenced decisions and tell the story of your library’s impact to your community.


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