Simple Secure Router – May 15th

Who’s On My Wifi is proud to announce that the Wireless Router is finally here!

We’ll be taking Pre-Orders of our Simple Secure Router starting on May 15th through an IndieGoGo Crowd Funding campaign.

The campaign will run from May 15th through June 15th, and we are doing this to raise money for our full scale manufacturing run.

We’re calling our Wireless Router, the Simple Secure Router.

It’s incredibly Simple.

You can set it up with just a smart phone in a few minutes.

And we’ve eliminated a lot of the complicated options most people never use in most routers.

And it’s incredibly Secure.

The Simple Secure Router is a secured/locked down router that runs the Who’s On My Wifi detection software and natively connects to Who’s On My Wifi Online for easy detection, notifications, and logging of all devices on your network.

And if you ever receive an alert that there’s an intruder on your network, just login to Who’s On My Wifi Online, and you can kick off the intruder from anywhere in the world.

We think you’ll really like the Simple Secure Router, and we hope you’ll join us on May 15th on IndieGoGo and get a copy for yourself!