Who Is On My Wifi v1.0.6 release

We just finished the release of version 1.0.6 for Who Is On My Wifi.

We weren’t planning on having an additional release to the large 1.0.5 update so soon, but there were a few bugs that customers pointed out from the 1.0.5 update that we wanted to address quickly.

The first change was that customers had mentioned that the initial registration reminder was really annoying because Who Is On My Wifi starts up with Windows.  Because of this, we decided to get rid of the initial registration screen.

The 2nd change was somewhat of a surprise.  With version 1.0.5, we added a section in the software for when people are uninstalling it to give them the ability to let us know what changes they would like to see in the software.  Although, this seemed like a good idea, by automatically opening up a webpage during the uninstall, we were basically annoying people who had downloaded the software which was never our intention.

We’ve modified the uninstall comments, so that now, by default, nothing happens, but if a potential customer would like to let us know how to improve the software, they have the option.

And finally, the third update had to do with the default subnet that is detected by the software on a new computer.  It was defaulting to include something called a broadcast IP address.  Including this “broadcast” address caused some false positives to show on the initial detection scans.