Who Is On My Wifi version 1.0.7

Who Is On My Wifi version 1.0.7 is ready to be released.

Version 1.0.7 contains the following upgrades.

1.  Added the ability to give a computer that has been detected a Description.  This is so once you’ve correctly identified a computer, you can give it a name that is easier to remember.

2. We’ve decided to increase the Home Edition limit from 10 computers to 20 computers based on user feedback.

3. Cleaned up the overall look of the Settings page.

4. Added the option to Minimize Who’s On My Wifi on startup so it will just run in the System Tray when a computer restarts.

5. Added a Detail View to the Computer Scans.  This way, the things most people are concerned with still show in the regular Scan page and are highlighted Yellow for Unknown computers, but a more in depth analysis of what is going on with the computers is listed in detail to the left of the scan.

6.  Disabled 2 copies of Who’s On My Wifi to be running at the same time.  When 2 copies are running together, they can interfere with each other’s scans.  This bug has been fixed

7. Removed the message box every time someone clicks the “Close” box on Who’s On My Wifi.  It now reminds people 1 time that Who’s On My Wifi hasn’t shut down, but is running in the system tray.  After this initial notification, it does not notify you again.

8.  By default the log files are now stored in a new \logs folder.  Also made logging optional.