Who Is On My Wifi version 2.0.6

Version 2.0.6 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this morning.

This latest release contains the following changes:


Added an Advanced Tab to the Settings screen

The Settings Screen was starting to get a bit cluttered.  So, a new tab called Advanced was added, and items that didn’t really make sense in any other area were placed there.

Made the batch menu optional.

We heard some complaints from Home Users that the Batch Options at the bottom was somewhat more annoying than helpful.   Because of this, the Batch Options area is now optional.  You can easily turn it on or off in the new Settings/Advanced Tab.

It is disabled by default.  So, please be aware that we didn’t take the Batch Options away, they are simply hidden.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed some duplicates being detected by the regular scan

The Enhanced Ping Scan released in version 2.0.5 had a few glitches discovered when it was released live.  Most importantly, it would cause the same computer to appear twice or as 2 separate computers when it was really only 1 computer.  Sometimes the ping scan detected the hardware with a lower case mac address, sometimes with a 00:00:00 mac address, and sometimes with an unintelligible  :::::  mac address.   All 3 of these cases would cause the software to think it was a different computer than the one already detected by the regular scan.

We do apologize for this.

We were never able to recreate this on our test systems, so Thank You to those who let us know about these issues with detailed emails and screen shots so that this program keeps getting better!