Who Is On My Wifi version 2.0.7

Version 2.0.7 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this evening.

This latest release contains the following changes:



This one has been a long time in the making.  We have released a blocking feature in the software.  So, now, when you see an intruder on your network that has been detected by Who’s On My Wifi, you have the ability to block them.  What this will basically do is cut them off from the internet so they would just choose to connect to someone else’s wireless.

There is a lot to blocking, so there were several smaller changes that also went out in the software to handle blocking.  For instance, we added a separate Block log on the Main screen that shows you all of the blocking packets being sent to the intruder.  The status on the bottom left has been changed so that when blocking is happening, you are notified about it.  As well as updates to the help section, and all of the underlying code and settings changes that made this all possible.

We’re very proud of this, and we hope you like it.

Again, remember, to use this feature safely and only on your own network because it can be easily traced back to you if you block someone on a network that you do not own.

And as always, if you experience any bugs with this new version of the software, please contact us at support at io3o.com

Setup Wizard

This is the other major feature that we are very proud of from this release.  One of the biggest complaints we kept hearing was that people didn’t understand exactly what the software did.  Many people thought it was just a manual ARP scanning tool, and were confused by and a little bit angry that it kept loading on startup.  We’re hoping the Setup Wizard helps explain a little bit better what the software does and helps people get up and running.

Bug Fixes:

Windows 8 Fix #1

If you read this blog, then you might’ve seen our post a few days ago about the initial bugs we have been finding while running the software on Windows 8.  We’re hoping that this first bug fix will help people get up and running on Windows 8.  It’s a fix to how the .NET framework is installed when Who’s On My Wifi is setup.  Unfortunately to get the software completely running on Windows 8 is going to take a few more fixes, but this was a good start.