Who Is On My Wifi version 2.0.8

07Version 2.0.8 of Who Is On My Wifi was released last night.

This was mainly a bug fix release after the major blocking release that went out last week.

We heard some issues and problems from customers in regards to blocking, and this release addresses almost all of those issues.


Blocking Diagnostics

We added a new diagnostic button in the Settings->Diagnostic tab.  The button is called “Blocking Diagnostic”.  What this does is as the software is initialized, it does some checks to make sure that the hardware is properly configured to communicate between the software, the winpcap drivers, and the hardware itself.  If anyone has a problem with blocking not working as they think it should, they can click this button and it will tell them if everything worked correctly, or if there is a problem that they might need to address like re-installing WinPcap, or restarting the software.  And as always, if something isn’t working correctly, let us know.

Bug Fixes:

Blocking Hardware Initialization Bug

After some customer emails, we found a small bug that was causing inconsistent behavior when it came to blocking.  People would experience that blocking would work, and then it wouldn’t work the next time they started their computer and ran the block.  This was due to a bug in how the hardware was initialized, and should be fixed now.  This attributed to the 5% bug rate we wrote about on a Yahoo Answer.  The bug rate should be much lower now when it comes to blocking.

Blocking Messaging and Help

We changed some of the messages and the wording in the Help to better explain what blocking does.  There was some confusion about what it was supposed to do.  So, hopefully this is now more clear in the software.


We hope you enjoy the release, and if you need anything, let us know.