Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this afternoon.

This update contains a new Report for Professional and Ultimate Editions of the software.

In this update we also increased the number of devices allowed on both the Home and Professional Editions.

Feature Enhancements:

Device Report

We’ve added a Device Report for our Professional and Ultimate Edition customers.  This Report shows all of the devices on your network.  It can be printed, saved as a PDF, or saved as an Excel Spreedsheet.  This was one of the most widely requested features we’ve been asked for, so we hope you like it.

Installation Change

When you were installing the 2.1.1 update, you may have noticed that it now asks you to install the Microsoft Report Viewer.  This is related to the Device Report listed above.  We had the option of hiding this so that it wasn’t visible, but we don’t appreciate it when software programs install things without telling us about them, so we didn’t think you would like that either.  So, you’re given the option during installation about whether or not you want to install the Report Viewer.  If you’d like to run the new Report, then you need to install this for the Device Report to work.  It’s just a reporting library that you may already have installed.  If you have any questions about this, you can find some information on google, or just send us an e-mail.

Registration Changes and Price Increase:

Home Edition can now handle 25 devices.  Professional Edition can now handle 100 devices.

So, we debated this for a while, but we’ve decided to increase the Home Edition to allow the detection of 25 devices, and the Professional edition to allow 100 devices.  We think this is more inline with what a Home User should be, and what a Professional User should be.

Price Increase.

OK, so no one likes a price increase.  But, we had to do this because our support costs went up when it came to blocking, reporting, enterprise, etc., and to cover the cost of developing Blocking and the Enterprise Reports.  So, I know people don’t like to be charged more, but the price of the product is now more inline with what it takes us to produce and support the product as well as to make enough profit to stay business.  I wish we could give the software away for free to everyone, but health insurance, food, and rent can’t seem to be paid by downloads these days.  So, until that day comes, we hope you understand the price increase.

However, if you’ve already purchased the software, because we don’t charge monthly or annual fees, nothing is changing for you unless you decide to upgrade to a different version in the future.  So, we hope you feel good about the fact that you got in early at a better price.  Also, we’re charging more now, but for future Home and Professional users, we’re giving more devices as well as always adding new features to our software.  So, we’re hopefully increasing the value of the software along with the price.