Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.3

15Version 2.1.3 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this afternoon.

This was mainly bug fixes related to multiple IP Ranges in the software.

Bug Fixes:

Status Page IP Range bug cleanup

It was pointed out to us that the IP Range on the Home Page under Scan Status was incorrect.  No matter what IP Range was setup under the Settings->Scan Options, this was always showing as  This appeared to be a bug from we started allowing multiple IP Ranges some months ago, and we never caught it.  So, this was fixed.  If you have 1 IP Range in your settings, it will now show this IP Range on the Home screen.  If you have multiple IP Ranges, it will just say “Multiple”.

Scan Options IP Range bug cleanup

This was a bit more serious bug.  It appears as though prior to our latest release, if you added multiple IP Ranges in the Settings->Scan Options section, when you tried to Clear the IP Ranges, they would disappear, but then re-appear after restarting the software.  This didn’t affect many users because most only use a single subnet, or they would simply Edit the additional subnet to have a very limited IP Range, but it definitely would cause some confusion on certain user’s scans.  So, this has now been fixed.


As always, we hope you enjoy the release, and if you have any problems, please let us know.