Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.4

Version 2.1.4 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this afternoon.

This contained several fixes and features related to blocking, bug fixes, and some enhancements to our Free Trial.


Blocking Auto Detection of Wireless Router

We’ve had several users be confused by the idea that their wireless router would show as an UNKNOWN device in the Who’s On My Wifi software.  So, we are now detecting a computer’s gateway, which is usually their Wireless Router, and we are no longer allowing people to Block this device.  We hope this additional information is helpful when first determining which devices are on your network based on a Who’s On My Wifi scan.

3 device blocking maximum notification

As many people know, for technological reasons, blocking multiple devices degrades each block.  So, for example, blocking a single intruder from the software uses all of the available blocking speed and power to block that single intruder.  But, if you were trying to block 10 intruder devices at the same time using the software, it’s possible that all 10 devices instead of being fully blocked, would only be mildly annoyed at a slowdown in their internet speed.

So, in order for users of the software to always be happy that the devices they are blocking are actually being blocked well, we both improved the Power and Speed of Blocking, but also added a limit of blocking 3 devices at one time to our blocking feature.

This means that you can only block 3 devices at once, but all 3 should be blocked very well.

We know people don’t like being limited, but we wanted to ensure that if you click the block button, the intruder is having a seriously difficult time using your internet, not just a mild annoyance.

We expect to hear some feedback on this, so please let us know your thoughts.

Oh yeah, and please know that you can still have 5 or 6 devices checked to block, but it will only block 3 of them that are connected at the same time.

Bug Fixes:

Blocking Bug Fixes and Message Enhancements:

We received several support emails from customers who weren’t sure if a device could be unblocked once it was blocked.  We also received emails about why after unblocking a device, the formerly blocked device still couldn’t use the internet.

We hope that the Unblocking Message that we added is helpful.

The software is now much more clear that it will probably take about 30 seconds to Unblock a device, and that some devices need to be restarted to have their internet access enabled again.

We also added how many devices your version of the software currently has detected, and what maximums you might have based on whether your purchased the Home, Professional, or Ultimate Editions of the software.  We’re hoping this helps people understand the differences between the versions.

Additional Information:

Updated the Help regarding Blocking:

We updated the Help file to include both Blocking and Unblocking.  We also explained that Blocking is not meant to be the sole form of protection on a Wireless Network.  It was always meant to be an additional protection when using good security standards like Wireless Encryption.  Unfortunately, the encryption on most Wireless Routers can be cracked in one way or another, so that’s why something like Who’s On My Wifi blocking is necessary even in an already “secured” wireless environment.

Free Trial Enhancements:

For those of you who are trying the 30 day free trial, we are now giving you the option to switch the Free Trial between the Home, Professional, and Ultimate Editions so you can see the differences between the different versions of the software, and make a more informed choice  about which one is best suited for your needs.

As always, we hope you enjoy the update, and if you have any questions or problems, please send us an e-mail at our support at io3o.com email address.