Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.5

Version 2.1.5 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this afternoon.

This release was mainly a bug fix release from 2.1.4 causing some speed issues.

Bug Fixes:

Made the software more efficient / Reduced the average CPU usage when idle

Both of the titles above are really the same thing.

So, when we released version 2.1.4, we mentioned that we made it more powerful.  This extra power came at a cost of running the CPU of the computer a little bit more than before, which isn’t a problem by itself.  The problem was that we were allocating this extra power and these extra CPU cycles even when there was nothing to block.  So, the software was starting to turn into a bit of a resource hog because it was always requesting this extra CPU power even if there weren’t any intruders.

So, with this update, we made the software behave better so that if the software isn’t scanning, or blocking, and you’re not running a report, you should see the CPU usage of mywifi.exe be almost 0% in the Task Manager after a few seconds.

This speed up should really help.


Updated the Help with a section on Backups

Backups and the ability to Restore the software to a certain state from a backup is one of the features of Who’s On My Wifi that is incredibly helpful but that isn’t very obvious in our software.  It’s very useful if you’re ever considering changing some settings.  Or if you’re changing computers, but don’t want to reset up your network again, or if you’re sending a backup to us so we can try to help you with a problem.  So, we enhanced the help regarding this, and hope that you find it useful.