Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.7

Version 2.1.7 of Who Is On My Wifi was released this morning.

This release was mainly bug fixes and usability errors from previous versions.

Usability Fixes:

Added Warning Message when adding IP Address or Computer Name to Signature

When a customer goes into Settings->Scan Options and either Adds or Edits a Subnet, they are given the options about using the IP Address or the Computer Name when creating the Digital Signature to detect these devices.  Although, these are powerful features, they should only be used under very specific circumstances.  Otherwise, these settings can make the same computer appear multiple times and basically create “Duplicate” records that drive people crazy.  So, we’ve added a warning message under which conditions these buttons should be clicked.  They do enhance the security of the network, but only if your network is setup to use them.

So, we don’t recommend these enhanced settings for most users, and we now added a message that explains this.

Changed the Row Color to Red when a device is being blocked

We were receiving e-mails that when a device was being blocked, it wasn’t very obvious to our users that this blocking was happening. There has always been a small message on the bottom left hand corner of the software showing that the device is being blocked, but we decided to make this more obvious by changing the color of a blocked device to Red.  We hope this helps eliminate confusion about which devices are currently being blocked, which aren’t, etc.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug where c:\wifidata folder not being created or saved

On a very few number of computers, when we released version 2.1.6 last month, the shared data directory usually stored at c:\wifidata, was not be created correctly

We took care of this problem with our support team, but we didn’t want any future users or new customers to experience this problem, so this fixes that bug.

Fixed Database Update bug when upgrading from an older version

This was a minor bug, but some customers on version 2.1.4 updating to version 2.1.6 were experiencing error messages when updating to version 2.1.6 related to a database field not being updated.  So, this fixes that bug.