Who Is On My Wifi version 2.1.9 and Who’s On My Wifi Online

Version 2.1.9 of Who Is On My Wifi was released about 2 weeks ago on September 18th.

Sorry for the delay in this blog post, but it’s been crazy around here, and we’re just now catching up with everything that’s been going on.

This release was a MAJOR enhancement and change to how Who’s On My Wifi works and operates.

Online System added to Who’s On My Wifi

We have added an Online or Cloud system that attaches to Who’s On My Wifi.

What this means is that after you’ve setup the Who’s On My Wifi software on your desktop or server, you can go to https://www.whoisonmywifi.net and signup for a Who’s On My Wifi Online account.  Who’s On My Wifi Online adds point in time reporting, remote management, and additional notification options to your Who’s On My Wifi software.

This means if you run Who’s On My Wifi at work, and you receive an e-mail about an intruder, you can very easily go to www.whoisonmywifi.net and see information about them, as well as block them.

Who’s On My Wifi Online is a major step forward for our product and for our company.

There is an additional monthly charge to use Who’s On My Wifi Online because unfortunately, until Amazon starts offering us their Cloud Servers for free, it costs us additional money to keep Who’s On My Wifi Online up and running.

We think you’ll find the price affordable and the features worth it.

Who’s On My Wifi Online is currently invitation only, but we will be opening the doors to the system on October 23rd, and we hope you’ll sign up and check it out at that time.

WinPcap Installation bug fix

We have a love / hate relationship with WinPcap.  On the positive side, it allows for very complex and unique networking like blocking to even be possible.  On the negative side, it’s installation isn’t always perfect the first time, and there are several programs that have used it in strange ways and not even told their users that they were installing WinPcap, and this can cause us compatibility issues with our customers when they try to install the latest version of WinPcap.

So, in this release, we enhanced some of the installation messages if something does go wrong while installing WinPcap.

The recommended method if it doesn’t work instantly is:

Restart your computer.

Try Who’s On My Wifi.  If you still get the WinPcap error message:

Uninstall WinPcap

Restart your computer.

Try Who’s On My Wifi, and try to block a computer again, and it will ask you to install WinPcap.

Install WinPcap.

Restart your computer.

Try Who’s On My Wifi, and everything should now be working.

This fixes the problem a large majority of the time.

Thank you for using Who’s On My Wifi, and we hope you enjoyed version 2.1.9.  We’ll be blogging on today’s release, version 2.2.0 later in the day.