Who Is On My Wifi Windows version 3.0.2

Version 3.0.2 of Who Is On My Wifi Windows was released this afternoon.

This release fixed bugs related to Error messages relating to devices with blank MAC Addresses and errors related to trying to save changes during a Scan.

This was considered a bug fix release, and does not contain new features or functionality.

Error related to blank MAC Addresses

There used to be an option in version 2.0 called “Add Secondary Ping Scan” that we removed from version 3.0.  However, under certain conditions, if a 2.0 user had upgraded to version 3.0 with this option checked, they would see a device that was detected with a blank MAC Address. This device was not an intruder, but the result of this bug.  We have now fixed this bug in 3.0, and it will no longer show a device with a blank MAC Address.

Error related to saving changes during a Scan

Under certain conditions, when making changes to the device list during a Scan, an error message would pop up saying something about concurrency.  This bug has now been fixed, and we are also disallowing Saves during a Scan.  This might be slightly less convenient, but it is more stable to just wait until the most recent Scan is completed before saving changes to the device list.