Who’s On My Wifi Router Plugins Update

Hi everyone,

We’ve been talking about the Who’s On My Wifi Router Plugins for a few months now, and just wanted to update you on the progress we’ve been making.

The Who’s On My Wifi Router Plugins are small Who’s On My Wifi agents that can be installed directly on the router to connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online.  Because they’re Who’s On My Wifi agents, this means they are constantly scanning the network and looking for intruders.  And because they connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online, you can easily see point in time who was on your network, receive alerts when an intruder shows up, and very easily manage which devices should be allowed on your network through the website.

We constantly listen to customer feedback and make changes to our program accordingly.

However, there were some problems that we kept hearing that we couldn’t fix without a major overhaul.

#1.  Customers not having an always on Windows Desktop or Windows Server to run Who’s On My Wifi

Several of our customers now exclusively use laptops or tablets and no longer have a Windows desktop or server to constantly monitor for intruders.  Our router plugins are a good solution because your wireless router is always on.

#2.  Blocking is OK on the Windows software, but it’s not great.

The really nice thing about having a version of our software directly on the router, is that the blocking is awesome.  It’s finally what people expect when you block a device without any sort of 3rd party install or anything.  Basically as soon as an intruder is detected and blocked, (after the online sync), the intruder immediately loses all network access, and they are unable to regain access.  It’s really what people expect from our Windows software, but don’t always get.  And no blocking limitations.

#3.  People really think our software should be a router option

We hear a lot that people like our software, but it just seemed like it was something that a router should already do.  There was no way to run our Windows software on a router, so we built these plugins instead.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the names Tomato, DD-WRT, or OpenWRT, these are Open Source Firmwares that you can run on your existing router to make them more powerful.  Firmware is a combination of software, memory, and data that is basically the Operating System of a small embedded device.

The firmware listed above is incredibly powerful and has given us the ability to run a version of our software on the router.  However, we’ve heard from early beta testers that they don’t have interest in “flashing firmware” onto their router.  So while we’re working on these router plugins, we’re also working on a solution for customers that just want to purchase a router from us instead.

We’ve also just recently become aware of the Smart Wifi programs available on routers like Linksys and Netgear.  Smart Wifi routers are routers that basically let you add “Apps” to run on your router.

Don’t think of “Apps” like video games for your router, but more like options to add to a router or smart home.   Need better logging?  Just download our app.  Need parental control features?  Just download a different app.   That app didn’t work well?  Download a different parental control app.  Need your internet access policy to also control your door swipe badges at your business?  Probably an app coming soon from somebody.  Very cool stuff can come from this technology and letting 3rd party developers build their own creations.

We start our final testing phase at the end of the week for the first of the plugins, and hope to release it in the next month or so.

Stay tuned because there’s a lot more coming soon!

Thanks for reading!