Ghacks, LifeHacker, CHIP, and CNN Chile coverage

We just wanted to keep our regular readers up to date on Who’s On My Wifi being shown in the media in January.  This is the most consistent media coverage we’ve had to date, and we thought you’d like to see that other people are starting to hear about the product you’ve been helping us build over the years.

We were recently shown in a story on Ghacks:

And a story on LifeHacker:

Covered on CNN Chile:

And covered in CHIP Magazine Germany.  Called CHIP de:

As well as covered in several online Spanish and Hungarian tech review sites.

It’s been a long road for us, and we’re very appreciative of the recent media coverage and of the customers and supporters who have been rooting for us and promoting us since the beginning.  Also, thank you to the online and offline media for covering our software and service.

We’ll continue to improve and enhance the software, website, apps, router plugins, etc. as we try to help people solve this problem of really knowing for sure, Who’s On My WiFi.