Omnichannel Hospitality Marketing for the Physical World

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Hospitality marketing revolves around understanding the needs of your guests. Before you can deliver that dazzling email or offer them a discount they can’t pass up, you need to know who your customers are and how they behave. How do you tie the busy people coming and going from your locations to the neatly organized rows of customers and prospects in your CRM? That’s where presence analytics comes in.

Presence Analytics helps you know who is visiting your building and how often they come back. You can turn a restaurant visitor or a hotel guest from an anonymous customer to a social media profile in your CRM, all from your WiFi.

Improve your property and learn more about your guests.

Many hospitality businesses already have processes for getting customer contact information. Booking sites withhold customer contact information, which leaves you scrambling to try and figure out who your customers are. WhoFi helps you leverage a hidden advantage, turning your WiFi into a marketing machine. Since guests already use your WiFi, why not collect contact information? WhoFi automates this process and gives you detailed analytics on visitor behavior.

Learn who your customers are, how often they visit, and how long they stay. Tie your social media audience to real purchasing behavior. Trigger marketing automation based on physical behavior. Hospitality marketing is evolving, and your business can be innovating before the competition. Meet our founders to find out how.

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