WiFi Analytics

Data Driven Business Insight with WiFi Analytics

If you need to track how many people use your WiFi network, then WhoFi has the answer. Organizations use WiFi Analytics for all kinds of reasons, like tracking visitor patterns and scheduling maintenance or employee shifts. It’s a gold mine of information that’s easy to unlock. WhoFi is a leading provider for presence analytics and business intelligence to provide comprehensive insight on visitor behavior.

Powerful Analytics

WhoFi has been innovating in the WiFi analytics space since its inception. Our solutions are designed to give you a complete picture of your business traffic patterns and trends. You can learn things like:

  • Visitor counts and dwell time
  • New vs. return visitors
  • Visitor demographic information
  • Custom location-specific data

Quickly browse through analytics by time, date, and location, or import your data directly into your analytics software. WhoFi combines multiple data sources into one presence analytics feed.

Flexible Solutions

Whether you’re a co-working space, city government, or hospitality business, WhoFi has flexible implementation options that will work at your locations. We work with a variety of hardware vendors to integrate directly with your existing network and gather insight from your IT infrastructure. Your WiFi Analytics options include:

  • Router integrations
  • DHCP
  • SNMP
  • Custom Captive Portals
  • Standalone scanning software
  • Custom Solutions

Schedule a demo for more information on how your network can use WhoFi without changing your existing IT investment.

Why are Businesses using WiFi Analytics?

The more information that you have about your space, the better you can manage that space. The information you can learn from WiFi analytics can help you make decisions about many areas of your business, including marketing, operations, and customer experience.

Is our most recent marketing campaign bringing in primarily new visitors or existing customers?

What time of day do we need to add staff and when can we cut back?

Are customers spending more time in my business than they were before?

These are the types of questions people are starting to answer through wireless analytics. If you’re looking for additional data-driven insight for your business, schedule a demo with our team so that we can evaluate the specific needs that your organization has.