About WhoFi

WhoFi helps community spaces thrive in the digital age.

There have been rapid changes to patron behavior in the last few years.  Patrons spend more time online, more time at home, and yet value their local communities more.

Your space is part of the glue that holds the community together.  You are what keeps your space running smoothly.  We know you’ve been working diligently to keep up with all of the changes.  We want your community to not just survive, but thrive in the digital age. 

WhoFi helps the people who manage community spaces like libraries, parks, and museums by providing tools such as visitor counts, WiFi usage rates, and program effectiveness for better patron experiences and advocacy.  On this page you’ll find a few products we offer that can help you. 

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Public Libraries

Get Patron WiFi Counts

WiFi analytics is a simple solution to give you the insights necessary to create a positive impact in your community. Our partners use WiFi analytics to gain insight into how many patrons are visiting, at what times, if a certain event brought new visitors, how many patrons return, foot traffic, and much more. All while protecting the privacy of each patron. WiFi analytics provides a common and consistent collecting and reporting standard across state public libraries that help them better understand how patrons are utilizing their locations and provide accurate numbers for the PLS report. 

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Track Online Programs and Attendance

Community Calendar is an all-in-one library program planner that streamlines program calendars and makes it easy to report program attendance for the Public Library Survey. Community Calendar is designed to help libraries monitor both their online and in-person programming attendance.  It is also used to help grow the community and increase patron engagement by making programming more visible.

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