Community Calendar

Track online programs and attendance easily.  

The program planning and reporting tool for modern libraries.

Libraries are adapting to meet changing community needs by connecting with patrons online and in person. The Program Planner offers a solution to cumbersome tallying methods and helps libraries better understand their patrons to further improve their service.

What is Community Calendar?

Community Calendar is a reporting tool to help libraries understand their programming and better serve the community. An easy-to-use system to schedule programs, publish to your website and view insights – all in one place. This tool makes it easy to schedule, manage, publish to your website and count attendance at all programs and events.

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How does Community Calendar work? 

All of your library’s programs can be planned, published to your website and tracked in one easy-to-use online system designed to accurately account for all of your attendees so you can report with confidence. 

Create one-time or recurring programs in your dashboard. Enter the program’s PLS type, category, platform, and other relevant information. After the program has taken place, enter attendee information which is stored and categorized for easy and accurate reporting. You can also account for views to recorded programs that are posted online later. 

You can streamline your event planning processes and eliminate double entry with the WhoFi Community Calendar website integration — a new feature that allows you to publish events from your WhoFi Community Calendar dashboard directly to your library’s public facing websites.

It is an all-in-one library program planner that streamlines program calendars and makes it easy to report program attendance for the Public Library Survey. It is designed to help libraries monitor both their online and in-person programming attendance.

What are people saying about Community Calendar?

"WhoFi has been a great addition for us and a huge improvement over the tracking tools we were using before, which was a hodgepodge of spreadsheets and manual tabulations. We had been struggling to figure out how to track virtual programs and offsite programs since previously we relied heavily on our meeting room scheduling software. Hard to do when the program isn’t going to use a room! We are also really excited that it will feed directly into the categories that the state library needs for their annual report. What we report monthly to our Board is always just a little different than what the state asks for so this is very much appreciated. I’ve also found WhoFi to be very responsive to support issues as they are working through how to add this service to their platform."

Monique Shore, Drake Community Library

“I’m loving the new Community Calendar feature, it makes our record keeping so organized. Before this, we had to keep track of everything on paper and hand tally. The categorizing and counting was so time consuming. Now, Community Calendar does that for us and It’s so much easier!” 

Pocahontas Public Library, Lola DeWall

What does Community Calendar do for your library?

  • Allows a single location to enter in library hosted programs and events for all staff
  • Reduces multiple entry of events
  • Events publish to your website, including recurring events
  • Defines clear categories for programs to create consistent reporting
  • Auto-generates reports for easy monthly and end-of-year reporting – no more complicated spreadsheets and calculators – we do it for you!
  • Helps promote events by integrating into your library’s website
  • Gives you the tools to easily identify the success of the events being hosted by the library
  • Filter options that align with the reporting requirements on the Annual Report
  • Alleviates the need for hand-tallying and storing numbers on paper.
  • Saves you time on PLS reporting

The Community Calendar tools help libraries plan programs in advance and also account for past programs so everything is synced together in one seamless reporting system. 

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