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Take the Next Step in Wireless Network Monitoring

WhoFi cloud software works through a detection agent. It’s easy to install and can be pre-configured to specific devices. This agent will run on your network to locally inventory and detect devices. The information gathered is then presented in a powerful analytics dashboard, giving you insight into session count, usage, devices, and more.

Pricing for business-to-business wireless monitoring starts at $950/year for single-location systems. For additional location options, we ask that you schedule a demo of the WhoFi service. This will help our team uncover your organization’s specific needs and goals for presence analytics.

Powerful Analytics

Gauge the foot traffic inside your establishment, along with dwell time and repeat visits. Visualize trends in access density and make better-informed decisions regarding staffing, scheduling, specials, and more.

Continuous Monitoring

Move from snapshots to real-time information. Most network scanners utilize a one-time snapshot feature to track wireless activity. With WhoFi tools, you’ll be able to view frequent updates throughout the day of what’s happening on your network—when you want to. You also will gain access to 36 months of rolling data to measure changes over time.

Remote Tools

Gain access to powerful tools for monitoring and correcting issues, even from thousands of miles away. Since our product is cloud-based, you can easily monitor activity anytime, even if you have multiple locations or access points across the globe.

Easy Integration

Unlike other wireless log-checking services, our product easily integrates with Windows, Android, tablet, or router detection agents. Gain powerful visibility without replacing access points and use tools you’re already familiar with.

Faster Notifications

WhoFi cloud software features real-time email and text message alerts. Know immediately when an unknown device joins your network. Be in the know at all times.

Industry Reports

Measure your activity against peer activity. An increasing number of companies in various industries are discovering the power of monitoring wireless access. We also offer industry-specific reporting packages for wireless session count, allowing you to easily report this information if required.

The best way to learn more about WhoFi Analytics and what it can do for your organization is to schedule a Demo of our product and discuss your organization’s needs with our staff.