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Take the next steps to help your community space thrive in the digital age.

WhoFi helps simplify managing a community space.  It is designed so that libraries, parks, and museums of all sizes and with varying degrees of IT support can easily use it. The easy-to-understand reports give you the answers you need when you need them.

Pricing starts at $1025/year for single-location systems. For additional location options, we ask that you schedule a demo of the WhoFi service.

“WhoFi is the best and easiest to work with, out of all the tools the state has provided. We used a door counter previously and it was difficult to understand and interpret the numbers. The WhoFi insights are so much better. The customer service is amazing. They call when they say they will, are respectful of my time and the experience has been seamless.” Rock Valley Public Library, Nicole McCray

Simple Real World Analytics

Gauge the WiFi usage or foot traffic inside your establishment, along with dwell time and repeat visits. Visualize trends and patterns to make better-informed decisions regarding staffing, scheduling, events, and more.

Community Calendar

Community Calendar is an all-in-one library program planner that streamlines program calendars and makes it easy to report program attendance for the Public Library Survey. Community Calendar is designed to help libraries monitor both their online and in-person programming attendance.

Easy Integration

We don’t send you a 200 page manual and tell you to get started.  Our setup team walks with you every step of the way to help you easily and quickly get setup.

Board Reports

Are you tired of spending time and energy building reports just to have them not come out right in the end?  Try our board reports that quickly and easily explain WiFi and Program usage at your community center.

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