Understand and Engage Visitors in your establishment with WhoFi Presence Analytics

Create Return Customers

Customers have visited your location before, but how do you get them to come back?  WhoFi gives you insights into customer traffic, dwell time and repeat visits over time, and will also give you a way to contact them again.

Staff Intelligently

When you analyze visitor information, you’re more prepared to meet organizational challenges, such as staffing.  Imagine knowing that visitor peaks at specific times each day and wanes during others. You can adjust your labor costs and see savings at your bottom line while improving the customer experience.

Build trust through privacy

We are privacy fanatics.  We believe that the relationship you've built with your customers over the years is between you and your customer.  With our product, you'll collect stats about visitors in general, but to identify and reach out to customers requires their consent.

Your competitive advantage

Owning a physical venue is no longer a liability.  Merge your ability to engage and interact with customers in the real world, with our ability to let you contact them and understand them through the digital world.  Let us be your competitive advantage.