Clarity and connection happen in the real world.

WhoFi helps real-world spaces understand and engage with their visitors to create sustainable growth.

Improving Community Spaces

Communities thrive on interaction. Creating strong communities takes thoughtful planning, intentional effort, and funding. Community leaders need to monitor the effectiveness of this investment to make sure patrons’ needs are met. WiFi analytics provides the solution to help real-world spaces, like yours, engage with visitors to create sustainable growth.

Data Influenced Decisions

In a time when every industry and individual rushes to go digital, clarity and connection happen in the real world. You can harness the power of your community space by engaging visitors in real life with digital data to guide your decisions. When you analyze visitor information you’re more prepared to meet organizational needs.  Improve patrons’ experience with proper staffing, programs, and resources.

Respect User Privacy. Build Trust.

Being able to see how your visitors are using your space, frequency of their visits, if their visit coordinates with a program, and if overall visitor numbers increasing will give you valuable insight into the performance of your space and programming. Big picture data can be gleaned from this technology while maintaining user privacy. Our fundamental belief in user privacy is why we always anonymize devices and maintain compliance with privacy laws.