WhoFi is used across different community spaces like libraries, parks, and museums.

Public Libraries

Libraries serve patrons of all ages from communities in urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods. They provide cultural and economic value, and as COVID has demonstrated, much-needed access to free WiFi. Libraries can harness the power of data insights to prove the value of services and improve advocacy. Insights reports are helpful to fill out the PLS report with accurate data, and for board members to understand the full extent of the library’s community impact.

Public Parks

Public spaces can use WiFi analytics to help tell their story, reinforce their value, and better serve their community. Using WiFi analytics is the best way to harness technology to build strong, connected communities.


Understanding visitor flow and preferences is important when it comes to determining museum exhibits. WhoFi data insights allows museums to monitor activity without compromising citizen privacy, and showcase the return on your investment into WiFi hotspots and accessibility.

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