Wireless Access is Quickly Changing from an Accessory to an Expectation

Learn to harness wireless information and begin making better business decisions.

City and Government Organizations

From public parks and museums to libraries and civic organizations, tracking wireless activity is critical for maximizing tax dollars. Learn how to monitor activity without compromising citizen privacy, and showcase the return on your investment into Wi-Fi hotspots and accessibility.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Customers in these establishments expect free Wi-Fi. Learn how to measure the peaks and valleys of wireless hotspot usage, so you can analyze your traffic to optimize sales, service, and growth. No more manual counting. Open the door to information that can guide sales, promotions, and customer service.

Schools and Universities

Education is driven by access to information. By monitoring the wireless activity in schools and universities, you can learn how to better support students and faculty as they grow their knowledge.

We are focused on helping real world communities grow and prosper by utilizing data influenced decisions.  Curious to know how WiFi analytics can benefit your organization?  Let’s talk.