How to Promote Library Services

How to Promote Library Services: Insights from California, Washington, and Utah

Recently it was brought to our attention that libraries in Washington, California, and Utah are successful in promoting their services. In this article, we explore the success stories of these libraries, revealing strategies and best practices for how to promote library services. Discover these resources to transform your library's promotional efforts. Engaging the Community: Strategies that Work

Library Membership Management Title

Library Membership Management Solutions

In the digital age fragmented and complex systems are becoming a thing of the past. In this post we will discuss library membership management challenges and present an all-in-one suite of services as a potential solution. To satisfy the goals of public library directors, we've collected insights about related challenges in conversations with partners. Common Library Challenges:

Resolutions Blog

2024 Library Resolutions and Library Software Solutions

Library Software Services Planning As we approach 2024, libraries are gearing up for a transformative year focused on advocacy and efficiency. The New Year brings with it the perennial challenge of reporting, requiring meticulous data collection on WiFi usage, program attendance, space utilization, and more.…

Winter Program Ideas 2023 Greeting Cards

5 Wonderful Library Winter Program Ideas

As we head into the Winter season, public libraries across the country are preparing to offer heartwarming programs for all of their patrons. These library Winter program ideas are inspired by the creativity of other libraries, showcasing the positive impact that bringing communities together through programs can have. Looking for another program to add to your library's Winter lineup? Take inspiration from what other libraries are doing below! Five Library Winter Program Ideas Winter Reading…

Q3 2023 Public Library WiFi Use

Public Library WiFi Sessions Q3 2023

Third Quarter 2023: Public Library WiFi Sessions and Digital Equity Trends The third quarter of 2023 reaffirmed the critical role public libraries play in providing equitable internet access within the communities they serve. Against the backdrop of increased Summer travel, libraries experienced noteworthy stability in library WiFi sessions. Despite increased travel among patrons, sustained usage patterns revealed the enduring importance of the essential services…

Library Room Scheduling Easily

Adding the Meeting Rooms Booking System on the Library Website

In this post, we will be diving into the world of online room reservation systems. More specifically, we will work through integrating the Meeting Rooms booking system seamlessly into your library website. If you prefer to video format you can find video instructions at the bottom of this page! Step 1: Setting Up the Meeting Rooms Booking System

Room Reservation Software For Libraries

What is Room Reservation Software for Libraries?

Due to growing demands for remote worker and community leaders, public libraries have become essential hubs offering co-working spaces and meeting rooms. However, managing these dynamic spaces efficiently has posted significant challenges. Some directors have found a solution in room reservation software for libraries.  The Challenges:

Active Library Meeting Space

New Product Update: Meeting Rooms for Libraries

Announcing a new service from WhoFi, Meeting Rooms serves library and community spaces by simplifying program planning and room scheduling reservations for patrons and staff. In an era of remote work and evolving community needs, libraries continue to play a crucial role by offering co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and programs that bring communities together. While libraries adapt to these changing demands, they also encounter new challenges in fulfilling these needs effectively.

Q2 2023 Library WiFi Usage and Digital Equity Trends

The second quarter of 2023 continued to demonstrate the significance of public library WiFi usage in advancing digital equity and bridging the digital divide. As communities returned to a sense of normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a slight increase in WiFi usage this quarter compared to last year. While this increase was smaller than the growth observed from 2021 to 2022, notable trends emerged, reflecting the ongoing efforts of libraries to meet changing community needs. This…

How to Add Your Library Calendar to Your Library Facebook

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on integrating the Community Calendar from your WhoFi account with your public library Facebook page. This process is particularly useful for libraries without a website or the ability to make changes to their existing website. By following these instructions, you can provide your patrons with easy access to upcoming events, registration details, and opportunities to connect with program coordinators. Let's get started! by Christian Gutteridge