Library Automatic Reminder Email For Event

Why libraries use automatic reminder emails for event & room reservations.

Libraries are vital community hubs, offering spaces for events, study sessions, and meetings. Managing these spaces effectively is crucial to maximizing their usage and benefits. Automated reminder emails for event and room reservations can significantly enhance this process by addressing specific challenges faced by both patrons and library staff. Challenges Without Automatic Event Reminders

Library Summer Reading Ideas

3 Innovative Library Summer Reading Ideas

Summer reading programs have long been a staple of libraries, offering a fun and educational way for patrons of all ages to stay engaged during the summer months. This year, we found 3 summer reading ideas from libraries that we had to share. Hopefully they can help to attract more participants and make these programs even more exciting this season.  Fresh Approaches to Summer Reading Libraries are adopting new methods to make summer reading programs more appealing and accessible. Instead of…

Library Training Ideas

New Library Staff Training Strategies

It can be daunting for new library staff members facing the challenge of learning their roles while understanding the intricacies of library operations. Library staff training often presents obstacles, including communication gaps, time constraints, and documentation issues. That said, a great team with a quality onboarding process can reduce burdens and make taking on a new role less intimidating. Clear communication, record-keeping, and continuous support are essential elements of successful…

Q1 2024 Public Library WiFi Use

Stable Public Library WiFi Utilization Trends in Q1 2024

The latest analysis of public library WiFi utilization in the first quarter of 2024 indicates a stable trend. This stability not only reflects the return of normalcy following pandemic conditions, but also the pivotal role libraries play for patrons. This quarter we will review observed trends, their potential implications, as well as upcoming digital equity grant opportunities from the NTIA. Monthly Library WiFi Usage - April to March Examining the data from April 2023 to March 2024 reveals a…


5 Summer Reading Ideas for a Successful Season

Are you looking to create more successful and engaging summer programs for your patrons? It can be a challenge to keep returning patrons informed and attract new community members. And let's not forget managing resources and costs for big events. But don't worry, we're here to help! We've gathered proven summer reading ideas from libraries across the country to help make your summer programs a hit. 1. Get to Know Your Community's Interests: New Rochelle Public Library

2023 Annual Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage

Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage in 2023

 Public Library Insights for 2023 In 2023, public libraries continued to play a pivotal role in fostering digital equity and community engagement. Through collaborative efforts with programs like E-Rate and BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment), libraries served as essential hubs for connectivity empowering individuals with digital literacy training and expanding access to digital resources nationwide. Innovative library promotion strategies like leveraging social media and adding…

How to Promote Library Services

How to Promote Library Services: Insights from California, Washington, and Utah

Recently it was brought to our attention that libraries in Washington, California, and Utah are successful in promoting their services. In this article, we explore the success stories of these libraries, revealing strategies and best practices for how to promote library services. Discover these resources to transform your library's promotional efforts. Engaging the Community: Strategies that Work

Library Membership Management Title

Library Membership Management Solutions

In the digital age fragmented and complex systems are becoming a thing of the past. In this post we will discuss library membership management challenges and present an all-in-one suite of services as a potential solution. To satisfy the goals of public library directors, we've collected insights about related challenges in conversations with partners. Common Library Challenges:

Winter Program Ideas 2023 Greeting Cards

5 Wonderful Library Winter Program Ideas

As we head into the Winter season, public libraries across the country are preparing to offer heartwarming programs for all of their patrons. These library Winter program ideas are inspired by the creativity of other libraries, showcasing the positive impact that bringing communities together through programs can have. Looking for another program to add to your library's Winter lineup? Take inspiration from what other libraries are doing below! Five Library Winter Program Ideas Winter Reading…