Q1 2024 Public Library WiFi Use

Stable Public Library WiFi Utilization Trends in Q1 2024

The latest analysis of public library WiFi utilization in the first quarter of 2024 indicates a stable trend. This stability not only reflects the return of normalcy following pandemic conditions, but also the pivotal role libraries play for patrons. This quarter we will review observed trends, their potential implications, as well as upcoming digital equity grant opportunities from the NTIA. Monthly Library WiFi Usage - April to March Examining the data from April 2023 to March 2024 reveals a…

2023 Annual Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage

Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage in 2023

 Public Library Insights for 2023 In 2023, public libraries continued to play a pivotal role in fostering digital equity and community engagement. Through collaborative efforts with programs like E-Rate and BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment), libraries served as essential hubs for connectivity empowering individuals with digital literacy training and expanding access to digital resources nationwide. Innovative library promotion strategies like leveraging social media and adding…

How to Promote Library Services

How to Promote Library Services: Insights from California, Washington, and Utah

Recently it was brought to our attention that libraries in Washington, California, and Utah are successful in promoting their services. In this article, we explore the success stories of these libraries, revealing strategies and best practices for how to promote library services. Discover these resources to transform your library's promotional efforts. Engaging the Community: Strategies that Work

Q3 2023 Public Library WiFi Use

Public Library WiFi Sessions Q3 2023

Third Quarter 2023: Public Library WiFi Sessions and Digital Equity Trends https://youtu.be/g6xQ8WU06Gw The third quarter of 2023 reaffirmed the critical role public libraries play in providing equitable internet access within the communities they serve. Against the backdrop of increased Summer travel, libraries experienced noteworthy stability in library WiFi sessions. Despite increased travel among patrons, sustained usage patterns revealed the enduring importance of the essential services…

Public Library WiFi Usage

Public Library WiFi Usage Q1 2023

First Quarter 2023 Sees Rise in Public Library WiFi Use The latest data on public library WiFi usage indicates a steady increase in usage during the first quarter of 2023, with libraries working diligently to advance digital equity in their communities. This article explores the potential implications of this trend, from the benefits for patrons and libraries to what the future of public library WiFi may hold. Reliable high speed internet is a critical service offering and one that communities…

Doland Community Ceiling Tile Project

Small town libraries making a big impact

Doland Community Library The Doland Community Library relies on its director Natasha Noethlich to carry out most of its services. In an effort to ensure all of the library’s upcoming events were available to the public, Natasha added the Community Calendar from WhoFi to the library website. Natasha can now share the library's upcoming events such as the Ceiling Tile Painting Project going on now. You can see some of the great designs the community has come up with below:

Library WiFi Usage 2020-2022

Annual Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage in 2022

WhoFi analyzed data from our library partners to identify library WiFi usage trends. This report includes our findings for 2022. Public Library Insights for 2022 Looking over the WiFi insights from 2022 there were encouraging trends indicating that library service usage is growing and seasonality may be more predictable in the coming years. When we conducted our research using data from libraries throughout the United States there were positive signs of continued growth in usage for services…

Community Calendar New Dashboard Design

WhoFi Launches New Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design This month WhoFi has launched a new dashboard design to improve upon the simplicity and ease of use already offered to our partners. This new design functionality is similar to previous versions such that everything is easy to navigate for existing users. In addition to cosmetic updates we have included some updates to the design of those reports most commonly utilized by partners. 

How Stubbs Memorial Library Advocated for Mini-Park WiFi Expansion

The front entrance to the Stubbs Memorial Library Emily Todd began her work at the Stubbs Memorial Library in 2014 before becoming director in 2017. Born in Holstein, she has a passion for the community there and her predecessors were no different. Since 2010 Stubbs Memorial Library has offered 24/7 WiFi access to…

Public Library WiFi Usage Prior 12 Months

Public Library WiFi Usage Insights Q3 2022

Sustained growth has been an ongoing theme in 2022 and the third quarter proved to be no exception with an 8% increase in public library WiFi usage compared with the prior quarter. Looking at data from the Summer there seem to be some interesting trends emerging compared to last year. Particularly the change among certain service population ranges. Reviewing usage trends we have identified fluctuations in usage relevant to library service offerings and how patrons will interact with libraries…