Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage in 2023

 Public Library Insights for 2023

In 2023, public libraries continued to play a pivotal role in fostering digital equity and community engagement. Through collaborative efforts with programs like E-Rate and BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment), libraries served as essential hubs for connectivity empowering individuals with digital literacy training and expanding access to digital resources nationwide. Innovative library promotion strategies like leveraging social media and adding library calendars to websites, enabled libraries to enhance visibility and engage with patrons beyond physical boundaries of the library walls. Join us below as we review library insights from 2023.

2023 Public Library Insights WiFi


In 2023 we witnessed a notable increase in library WiFi usage, driven by several potential factors. This year was the first year that no major cities were required to engage in lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Libraries partnered with states to provide information about how to get connected to various programs making internet access affordable. Additionally, public libraries continued to provide essential digital literacy training with plans to expand during BEAD program implementation in many states. Innovative library promotion efforts, heightened library visibility and attracted patrons, contributing to the surge in patronage throughout the year. This expansion of digital infrastructure likely helped to improve usage. This will continue to make libraries central hubs for connectivity within communities.

Why seasonal changes looked different in Q4 2023

Seasonal changes in Q4 2023 looked different than Q4 2022, showcasing a smaller decline in usage during the traditionally low traffic period in December. It is possible that milder temperatures across the country in December 2023 played a role in reducing the seasonal decline. Casual library users in 2022 may have been more likely to wait for milder weather to visit the library. Sustained use of WiFi services throughout the year reinforces the importance of libraries in their communities even through holiday months.

Monthly Library WiFi Usage 2021-2023
Innovative Library Promotion

Libraries embraced innovative promotion strategies in 2023, leveraging services like TikTok and library calendar software to engage with patrons. This innovative approach resulted in increased visibility, with libraries gaining significant following and fostering digital engagement beyond physical spaces.

Library promotion is a wonderful tool to help librarians ensure they broadcast their offerings to the largest possible audience. By tapping into new avenues of communication and connection, libraries demonstrate adaptability and relevance for patrons of all ages. This further strengthens their role as essential sources of information and digital access.

Weekly Public Library WiFi Usage

Interpreting insights for 2024

The insights gleaned from library WiFi usage trends in 2023 provide valuable guidance for anticipating future developments. By staying responsive, keeping up with evolving community needs and leveraging innovative approaches, libraries are poised to continue their service as vital hubs of learning, connectivity, and community empowerment in 2024 and beyond.

The data is clear – libraries are essential players when it comes to providing internet access to under-served communities. According to the American Library Association (ALA), providing access to internet is particularly critical in areas that would otherwise have none.

2023 Annual Analysis of Public Library WiFi Usage

Reviewing patrons’ utilization of library services empowers staff to make data-driven decisions in community engagement. Insights from WiFi analytics remain useful for libraries as they strategize and advocate for future endeavors. If you would like to review how our solutions make gathering these insights easy please click the demo button in the top right of the page.