WiFi Analytics

Get the Patron WiFi numbers you need, simply.

Libraries and other community hubs are more than just the buildings they occupy.  They are centers of learning, professional development, safe spaces, remote working spaces, and protectors of community connections.  Keeping the WiFi funded and fast is a top goal of modern community centers.  WiFi Analytics from WhoFi provides accurate numbers around WiFi usage needed for board reporting, grant proposals, improving patron experiences and more.  We offer this simply without the IT jargon and confusion of most tools.

What is WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics is a cloud based reporting tool used to quantify and qualify WiFi information to improve your community space.  Insights such as patron dwell time, session counts, and new vs. return rates are being used in strategic planning, day-to-day decision making, advocacy communications, and programming enhancements.  All of these insights are provided while still respecting and maintaining patron privacy and adhering with all privacy laws.

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How does it work?

Setup is usually a simple matter of either receving a pre-configured tablet to setup on your WiFi, or working with your IT team to connect a plugin to our service.  Information from your WiFi network is anonymized and stored in the cloud for easy reporting from anywhere.  Our setup team will work with you every step of the way.  The software is designed so that community spaces of all sizes and with varying degrees of IT support can easily use it.

What are people saying about it?

“We’re very pleased with WhoFi and the statistics. The library was getting push back from City Hall about leaving WiFi on 24/7 because of a negative perception that it might cause problems. The WhoFi statistics were able to confirm that there is a need for 24/7 WiFi, and there’s been no negative activity associated with 24/7 access. Because of the need these numbers confirmed, we expanded our signal to reach a nearby park so patrons could sit on the benches while using the internet.”

Stubbs Memorial Library, Emily Todd

What does WiFi Analytics do for your library?

  • Gets you the numbers you need for your board, city, and state reporting.
  • Provides a way to gather this information, or simplifies otherwise confusing processes or IT help during reporting season.
  • Helps you understand the story of your library from busy times of day, to seasonal changes in patron behavior.
  • Auto-generates reports for easy end-of-year reporting – no more complicated spreadsheets and calculators – we do it for you!

The WiFi Analytics tool from WhoFi helps your library with advocacy, board reporting, and patron experiences so you’re ready to grow for the next decade of patrons.

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