What People Are Saying about WhoFi

“I’ve been waiting for a service like this for years! It’s easy to view the monthly report and I can’t believe how many sessions we were missing with previous tracking methods. I’m very happy with this technology.”

Lyon County Library, Amy Geddes

“The IT department and I agree that of all the tools provided by the State this is the best one and we really like it.  It’s super easy to use and I really like the setup of the analytics account."

Smoky Valley Library District, Jeanne Bleecker 

“The information available through the reports is great. I’m so glad the state purchased this for us. Now the board can see how the library is benefiting the community. We’re really able to show our worth.”

Ashton Public Library, Tim Christianson

“WhoFi is the best and easiest to work with, out of all the tools the state has provided. We used a door counter previously and it was difficult to understand and interpret the numbers. The WhoFi insights are so much better. The customer service is amazing. They call when they say they will, are respectful of my time and the experience has been seamless.”

Rock Valley Public Library, Nicole McCray

"We've been using WhoFi for about a year, and it's a huge improvement from what we were doing before. The state purchased this for us to create a unified counting method so all of our libraries can compare apples to apples. It's helped the board understand the data by qualifying and establishing metrics."

Pella Public Library, Mara Stickler