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“WhoFi has continued to expand services to benefit our library. Beyond monitoring WiFi usage to now including library calendar and being able to track program analytics. The customer service response time is so timely and the responses I receive are helpful and attend to the questions that I ask.”

Aberdeen Public Library, Katherine Malsom


The WhoFi staff is extremely easy to work with and takes time to help you with any issues. Our library received the community calendar on our website and it’s easy to use and looks very professional!

Solon Public Library, Liz King


“I like that WhoFi keeps track of our WiFi numbers and I’m loving the new Community Calendar feature, it makes our record keeping so organized. Before this, we had to keep track of everything on paper and hand tally. The categorizing and counting was so time consuming. Now, Community Calendar does that for us and It’s so much easier!”

Pocahontas Public Library, Lola DeWall

“The incredible responsiveness of the WhoFi team has been unmatched. We have found every aspect to be a great resource to our team. From collecting the WiFi stats to the Community Calendar we have been so pleased. We’re currently working to implement the Meeting Room feature and look forward to having one more tool to make our process simple. We’re so appreciative of the amazing people at WhoFi!”

Solon Public Library, Megan Richardson


“Meeting Rooms helps us a great deal as it makes staff time in scheduling bookings more efficient and it saves our library money as our previous system was quite pricey – this helps us spread those funds out to other items that patrons use.”

Nevada Public Library, Erin Coughlin


In the past, we had a form on our website. This will allow us to oversee both our calendar and our meeting room reservations in one spot. Much easier!

Warren Public Library, Julie Miller

“Excellent WiFi statistics management with worthwhile extras such as an event scheduling plugin for our website, plus outstanding customer service.”

Van Buren District Library, Dan Hutchins


“Before WhoFi started counting our wifi use we thought only one or two patrons a year used the wifi in the library. We were stunned to find out in the first month how much our Wi-Fi was being used and still being used today. It’s easy to set-up and use. If you can use email, you can use this.

We leave the WiFi on 24/7. We know that it’s being used by nearby homes, school kids sit in the parking lot or park across the street.”

Marcus P. Beebe Memorial Library, Deb Gillick


“I’ve been waiting for a service like this for years! It’s easy to view the monthly report and I can’t believe how many sessions we were missing with previous tracking methods. I’m very happy with this technology.”

Lyon County Library, Amy Geddes

“My two favorite aspects of this program are the calendar and the ease of pre-filling the State report for the library. Having one place to list activities and events and have them show up instantly on the website is such a time-saver! No more having to go to multiple websites to post activities. It’s one and done! My second favorite is having information already collected and inserted into the state report. That makes my job easier and I know the information will be accurate.”

Delhi Public Library, Arlene Chappell


“The IT department and I agree that of all the tools provided by the State this is the best one and we really like it.  It’s super easy to use and I really like the setup of the analytics account.”

Smoky Valley Library District, Jeanne Bleecker 


“We’re very pleased with WhoFi and the statistics. The library was getting push back from City Hall about leaving WiFi on 24/7 because of a negative perception that it might cause problems. The WhoFi statistics were able to confirm that there is a need for 24/7 WiFi, and there’s been no negative activity associated with 24/7 access. Because of the need these numbers confirmed, we expanded our signal to reach a nearby park so patrons could sit on the benches while using the internet.”

Stubbs Memorial Library, Emily Todd

“I love how helpful it is when it comes time to do my annual survey for the state. Not only does it track our internet statistics, but now it tracks our programming statistics using the calendar feature. We have been able to integrate the Whofi calendar onto our website as well. Also the customer service is the best out there!!!”

Alcester Community Library, Paige German


“Everyone with the company I’ve spoken with has been incredibly helpful, courteous, and friendly. They also are aware that their customers have different levels of technical knowledge, and explain things very clearly, and never in a condescending tone if one doesn’t understand. They are always willing to answer any questions I may have. The product works well, but it is the company’s employees which make it a real success!”

Moody County Resource Center, Erica Rorvik


“WhoFi is the best and easiest to work with, out of all the tools the state has provided. We used a door counter previously and it was difficult to understand and interpret the numbers. The WhoFi insights are so much better. The customer service is amazing. They call when they say they will, are respectful of my time and the experience has been seamless.”

Rock Valley Public Library, Nicole McCray

“The information available through the reports is great. I’m so glad the state purchased this for us. Now the board can see how the library is benefiting the community. We’re really able to show our worth.”

Ashton Public Library, Tim Christianson


“WhoFi provides the data my library board needs to plan for the future. It was especially helpful during the pandemic. We could see that patrons were using our WiFi from the parking lot and even after hours. We were able to use this information to back up our purchase for increased bandwidth. We love the quarterly reports, too. This helps us understand trends happening in our own community and provides concrete data and clarity.”

New Madison Public Library, Brenda Miller


“Data from WhoFi helped our library secure $5000 grant money that we used for improvements to our outdoor space and stronger WiFi. The Community Calendar feature is wonderful for tracking library programs! Before this, I spent a full 40-hour week doing the PLS reports. Now, it only takes a day.”

Orange City Public Library, Lisa Johnson 

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