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Simplify Patron Room Bookings and Manage Your Space Efficiently

In response to the growth of the remote workforce, libraries have evolved into essential community hubs, offering co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and diverse programs. However, managing these dynamic spaces has been a challenge. Traditionally, libraries grappled with time consuming room booking methods, relying on handwritten notes, spreadsheets, or generic web calendars. The complexity escalated when handling patron requests for room reservations over the phone or with paper forms. Meeting Rooms makes it easy for patrons to make room reservation requests with clear visibility of existing reservations and library events. Seamlessly integrated with the library’s website, this service allows patrons to effortlessly view room availability and submit reservation requests. 

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Reporting on Spaces Designed for Libraries

Meeting Rooms streamlines reporting processes for libraries, eliminating the need for hand-tallied notes on reservations and providing a simpler way to track space usage. Upon confirming a reservation, the web app automatically captures all pertinent reservation details, enabling seamless reporting to boards and the state. Additionally, the system provides libraries with a succinct daily overview of upcoming reservations, ensuring efficient space preparation for patrons and programs. Thanks to the integration with Community Calendar all programs booked in meeting rooms are automatically reserved and blocked.  No more double bookings!  This integrated reporting approach empowers libraries to adeptly manage their spaces while recording essential insights for advocacy.

Benefits of Using Meeting Rooms

  • Simplifies space management at the library.
  • Easily integrates with the library website.
  • Patrons gain visibility over room amenities and availability.
  • Librarians can manage requests and upcoming program schedules all in one place.
  • Reporting designed for libraries reporting to their board and state.

What Partner Libraries Are Saying

“Meeting Rooms helps us a great deal as it makes staff time in scheduling bookings more efficient and it saves our library money as our previous system was quite pricey – this helps us spread those funds out to other items that patrons use.”
– Nevada Public Library, Erin Coughlin, Director

“In the past, we had a form on our website. This will allow us to oversee both our calendar and our meeting room reservations in one spot. Much easier!”
– Warren Public Library, Julie Miller, Director


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