Library Membership Management Solutions

In the digital age fragmented and complex systems are becoming a thing of the past. In this post we will discuss library membership management challenges and present an all-in-one suite of services as a potential solution. To satisfy the goals of public library directors, we’ve collected insights about related challenges in conversations with partners.

Common Library Challenges:

Library Membership Study Space Management

Shared Control of Spaces: Libraries try to ensure patrons have ready access to resources without conflicts. However, promoting services to the community and managing shared spaces efficiently is often difficult.

Program Registrations: Gaining registrations for library programs is critical, yet takes time when completed on paper or over the phone. To maintain community engagement, it is essential to provide an easy and seamless process to keep programs in full attendance.

Avoiding Double Bookings: Libraries, serve as meeting rooms, study areas, and program spaces, often at the same time to meet patrons’ varied needs. Finding the right balance can be a challenge, and double bookings can lead to frustrations.

Library Membership Management Group

Library Membership Management Solutions:

Community Calendar: WhoFi’s Community Calendar simplifies event scheduling and provides a central hub for library programs right on the library website, to enhance community engagement. Additionally, collecting registrations early online allows program planners to prepare proper spaces and supplies. 

Meeting Rooms: WhoFi’s Meeting Room management feature allows patrons to book spaces quickly and use resources efficiently. Synchronizing with the library calendar helps avoid conflicts and maximize library space utilization. Directors can approve patron reservations and send confirmation and reminder emails directly from the dashboard. 

All In One Reporting Solution

WiFi Analytics: WhoFi’s WiFi Analytics provides comprehensive data about foot traffic and library WiFi usage over time making answering these questions on the state survey easy.

With WhoFi’s all-in-one suite of services, directors can access efficient solutions to their library membership management challenges. Transform the future of library management with WhoFi and explore a world of possibilities for your library community. You can visit our YouTube for videos about these services, and click the button below to schedule a meeting.