New Demo Video

We've released a new demo video today. The demo shows some of our Analytics system features and also how it is used to analyze physical spaces providing statistics on dwell time, return visitation rates, and more. The Pivot Who's On My WiFi has dramatically changed and improved since it's founding. Originally starting off in the security space, we made the transition to Location Intelligence and WiFi Analytics back in 2015. We've been so busy helping customers and improving the product since… Coverage

Who's On My WiFi's Free Windows Agent was recently covered by Techbook in Germany. Here's a link to the article: Just so you know before you click the link, the article is written completely in German. However, if you use Google Translate with the link, you'll notice that it works fairly well on their write up of us. Thanks Techbook!

Innovate Oklahoma: A tech startup’s opinion

A new program was launched by the State of Oklahoma today. The program is called Innovate Oklahoma. The idea is that Oklahoma has built an open marketplace, where both government agencies and citizens can list state governmental issues which could use a better technological solution.  Not only are the problems listed, some of these problems will be open for bidding by companies and other technologists to provide solutions. To my knowledge, this is the first program of it’s kind in the United…

WiFi Analytics Interview

Co-Founder John Kerber was interviewed today by Network Diagnostic website LMTV regarding the new field of Location Analytics, and how to make physical locations smarter with the newly released WiFi Analytics platform from Who's On My WiFi.

Interviewed by the Oklahoman

Talking with The Oklahoman Who's On My WiFi met with a reporter and photographer from The Oklahoman the morning of the first. We discussed the new router and talked about our upcoming Indiegogo launch on May 15th.  Exciting times for the company!

CNET and Local News coverage

We wanted to let our regular readers know that we were recently covered by CNET on as well as channel 4 in San Antonio on their morning Tech Segment. We thought you might like to see how we're being covered in the media. Here is the story listed on CNET: Here is the story from WOAI News 4 in San Antonio: Thanks…

OpenWRT Setup Video

The Who's On My Wifi OpenWRT setup video is here! In watching some early users, we saw that people were having a few problems getting the OpenWRT Router plugin installed on their OpenWRT routers by just using the Setup Wizard that is available in Online. So, we created a setup and demo video to help get you started. This is a simple setup wizard style video that shows you how to install Who's On My Wifi on an OpenWRT compatible router. It also goes through the process of connecting the router…

LMTV Interview

Hey everyone, We were interviewed on Love My Tool TV on Wednesday, March 5th, at 11:30 am CST, 12:30 ET. Love My Tool is a community based website dedicated to Network Monitoring and Network Management. There was a panel discussion about wireless security, and why encryption isn't always enough. If you'd like to watch, here is a link to the Love My Tool website blog post about the interview. It has a…

Ghacks, LifeHacker, CHIP, and CNN Chile coverage

We just wanted to keep our regular readers up to date on Who's On My Wifi being shown in the media in January.  This is the most consistent media coverage we've had to date, and we thought you'd like to see that other people are starting to hear about the product you've been helping us build over the years. We were recently shown in a story on Ghacks: And a story on LifeHacker:…

Who's On My Wifi in Chip Magazine March 2013

Who's On My Wifi is in the March 2013 edition of Chip Magazine, Russia. We've added a link below to the front cover where our software is displayed in the bottom left hand corner. Chip Magazine Russia - March 2013 Edition We were very excited for the opportunity to be in their magazine, and we think it looks great.