5 Wonderful Library Winter Program Ideas

As we head into the Winter season, public libraries across the country are preparing to offer heartwarming programs for all of their patrons. These library Winter program ideas are inspired by the creativity of other libraries, showcasing the positive impact that bringing communities together through programs can have. Looking for another program to add to your library’s Winter lineup? Take inspiration from what other libraries are doing below!

Five Library Winter Program Ideas
  • Winter Reading ChallengeWinter Reading Challenge
    • Keep the pages turning during winter break by launching an exciting Winter Reading Challenge for children. Sharing this program on Facebook and the library website is a great way to increase participation. 
  • Gingerbread House Making Program
    • Gather families together for a delightful and delicious gingerbread house-making event. Watch creativity unfold and Experience the joy of the season together. Make sure to prepare enough supplies for this culinary craft by collecting registrations online. 
  • Drive-Thru Canned Food Drive
    • Turn kindness into a winter tradition with a drive-thru canned food drive. Make it easy for your community to give Winter Program Ideas 2023 Snowgaback and make a meaningful impact. Promoting drop off location on the library calendar makes it simple for donors to make their donations.
  • Snowga Series for Adults
    • Cultivate serenity and mindfulness with a meditative yoga series for the Winter months. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring a sense of warmth and tranquility to adult patrons during the winter season.
  • Make Your Own Greeting Cards
    • Invite patrons to unleash their creativity by crafting personalized greeting cards. Whether it’s for the holidays or just to brighten someone’s day, this hands-on activity promises joy and connection.
Simplified Program Planning, Promotion & Reporting

Winter Program Ideas 2023 Greeting Cards

Effortless registration becomes a reality with effective library calendar software, allowing patrons to sign up for any exciting library Winter program with just a few clicks. Embedding program details on your library website can be simple with integration options for the library website keeping the community informed. Plus, social media sharing becomes a breeze if each event has its own unique web page. WhoFi offers Community Calendar as an all-in-one solution for programming needs at the library and amplifies the library’s event offerings all year.

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