Insights Emails

We are excited to announce the new Insights Emails from WhoFi that you, our customer, will start receiving early in June.

The Insights Emails are a first step in helping directors or managers get a simple, digestible view of what is happening at their venue, and simple relevant steps to help improve their space. From customer conversations, it became clear that numbers for numbers sake are worthless. You don’t want a bunch of numbers. You want to be able to know what’s happening quickly and take actions to improve your community.

The Insights Emails are designed to give just enough information about what happened in a space, and then to give relevant blog content about steps you can take to improve your space, based on your visitor usage.

How does this help me?

Lets say you’re a coworking space that’s been trying to grow the number of people who visit your location. And it’s turns out that last month, there was a user group that brought in a lot of first time people. But, since it was after hours, you didn’t even know about it.

Here’s where insights emails really shines.

The insights email will let you know about the spike at your location. It also sends a relevant blog post about how to how to dig in and find which user group caused the spike in first timers. It also suggests that you might want to have that user group or a similar user group at your space again so you can grow your membership.

The new insights emails will start going out to all customers in early June as part of your standard analytics service. We hope it helps you improve your venue, increase your membership, and ultimately improve your community.