Meraki Agent

Who’s On My WiFi is happy to announce that our Meraki detection agent is now generally available.

What is Meraki?

Meraki is a cloud-managed network hardware company owned by Cisco.  Cloud-managed means that once you set up the access point or switch hardware on your network, all of the configurations are managed through their cloud dashboard.

What is the Who’s On My WiFi Meraki Agent?

Client’s utilizing Meraki Access Points now have an option to directly connect their APs to our analytics service without the need for an additional software agent.  This further simplifies the analytics service setup on Meraki networks.

How do they work together?

Who’s On My WiFi customers are connecting their Meraki equipment to our Analytics service to add additional business intelligence to their WiFi network.  This network information is stored and analyzed to identify network usage trends over time in several ways that allow the ability to understand and predict patterns and trends.  This information helps businesses unlock powerful WiFi data that can be utilized in bolstering marketing efforts, identification of customer loyalty, employee usage and much more.

If you are ready to link your Meraki network to Who’s On My WiFi, log in to your account and click Setup Wizards to walk through the process. No account? Set up a demo to get started.