WiFi Analytics Book

In a time when every industry and individual rushes to go digital, clarity and connection happen in the real world.

“The value in WiFi analytics is to help real-world communities, and real-world spaces not become digital, but to retain and enhance the unique qualities that make them real and unique. At the same time, to stay relevant, our industry needs to help the physical spaces and communities stay top of mind when their members are spending time in the digital world.” –John Kerber, WhoFi founder, and author 

WiFi analytics provides valuable insight into your customers and patrons. The data gathered through this technology can transform your business or community space all while building trust through privacy. At WhoFi, we’re passionate about serving our customers by providing state-of-the-art technology. In fact, we’re so excited about WiFi analytics, we literally wrote the book on it. 

This book takes a deep dive into the new, exciting world of WiFi analytics. It covers multiple topics including which industries are using WiFi analytics and what hardware, software or service you need to get started. You’ll learn more about the specific technologies that work together to improve public venues and communities, such as social WiFi, foot traffic, guest WiFi, WiFi marketing and presence analytics. There’s also special coverage on user privacy so you can ask smart questions and make informed decisions.

If you’re ready to improve your venue, WiFi analytics is your solution. This book will be your map to help you navigate this new technology with confidence.