Statewide Library Solutions

State Library ChallengesThe Challenge:

State libraries skillfully provide comprehensive support and oversight to libraries across their jurisdiction. However, it has been brought to our attention that finding tools that will be used to help accomplish these goals can be a challenge. This sometimes results in frustration from wasted resources, missed opportunities for improvement, and a disconnect between available resources and library needs.

The Solution:

All-in-one library membership management allows libraries to plan, promote, and report on all of the  various services offered at their location for the state survey. WhoFi offers a tailored solution to address the specific needs of state librarians, providing tools and support that are designed to be impactful and easily integrated into library workflows.

State Library Solutions

By offering consistent data collection methods and simplifying complex processes such as annual survey completion, WhoFi empowers state librarians to provide tangible value to their libraries and make apples to apples comparisons. State libraries can ensure that the resources and support they provide result in measurable benefits for libraries and their communities.

Consistent Data Collection: WhoFi ensures standardized data collection methods across all libraries within the state, enabling state librarians to gather accurate and comparable information for reporting and analysis.

Simplified Annual Surveys: Our platform simplifies the process of completing annual surveys for participating libraries, reducing administrative burden and ensuring timely and accurate submission of data to national reporting to the IMLS.

What partner libraries are saying:

“I’m so glad the state purchased this for us. Now the board can see how the library is benefiting the community. We’re really able to show our worth.”
– Ashton Public Library, Tim Christianson

“The IT department and I agree that of all the tools provided by the State this is the best one and we really like it. It’s super easy to use and I really like the setup of the analytics account.”
– Smoky Valley Library District, Jeanne Bleecke

“WhoFi is the best and easiest to work with, out of all the tools the state has provided. The WhoFi insights are so much better. The customer service is amazing. They call when they say they will, are respectful of my time and the experience has been seamless.”
– Rock Valley Public Library, Nicole McCray

Experience Simplified Annual Reporting:

Join state librarians nationwide in simplifying data collection, enhancing support for libraries, and improving reporting accuracy with WhoFi. Contact Luke Buikema at to learn more about how WhoFi can support your state’s libraries and streamline annual survey completion processes. Let us help you drive success for your state’s library ecosystem.

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