Public Library Survey Questions

About the Public Library Survey

You’ve probably found this article because you’re looking for tips or tools on how to fill out your state’s annual public library survey questions.

The Public Library Survey is a national survey provided by the IMLS every year.  It’s used to keep track of changes in trends across public libraries nationwide.  The PLS Survey is administered by the State Data Coordinators in each state.  They are able to ask additional questions, but are also required to ask the national questions each year.

Why the States ask their own Questions

States, in addition to the national questions, often ask additional questions to public libraries.  There are several reasons for this.  Sometimes there are state specific programs or information that the legislature would like to know about.  Sometimes the state libraries need to report to other state level agencies that need statistics.

How does this help your library

Completing the annual survey for your library helps both your library and the state.  It’s important to understand the trends happening at public libraries to ensure that funding and advocacy can be allocated to the best possible uses.

Tools to Help Complete the Questions

There are several tools available to help you complete the annual survey.  The most direct answers will usually come from your state data coordinator.  They often provide examples in how to fill out questions, example spreadsheet templates, and other worksheets that can help complete the survey.

If you’re looking for additional tools beyond what has already been provided, WhoFi can probably help.

WhoFi offers wireless session counting tools that can simplify answering WiFi related questions.  We also offer an all in one calendar that simplifies reporting on the new onsite vs offsite programming reporting questions.  We’re also working on additional tools to simplify the collection and reporting of information for public libraries.

If you’d like to learn more about WhoFi tools can help you complete your state’s questions for the annual public library survey, please view other pages on this site, visit our blog, or signup for our Libraries in the Digital Age newsletter.