Analytics of Regular Customers

Jason was a regular at the coffee shop.  He had glasses and a white beard.  Spending a few hours reading or working on his laptop on weekday afternoons is how we usually saw him.  He was always friendly to the staff. He’d been coming so long that he had become a staple, one of the people we just expected to always be there.

Then one day Jason stopped coming.

And that’s when the questions started.  Was he OK? Had he moved, or found a different coffee shop?  Maybe he started a new job. Did our change in layout cause an issue?  He hadn’t said anything. He didn’t seem upset the last time he was here.

It can be hard to keep track of all of your patrons changing needs. That’s why analytics are so helpful. Analytics create a picture of how people are using your venue and how it’s changing. Sometimes small changes can have more significant effects than initially anticipated. Analytics can help get a handle on what’s happening.

For example, the Power User report helps determine what’s happening with your regular customers.  This report shows how frequently users are visiting your space over time. What most venues see is a large number of visitors from one to five days per month.  But then they also start to see a second bump, usually around seven to twelve days. These are your power users, your regulars. But what happens when you run some comparisons over other months and notice that your power users, your regulars, have gone down.


Factors that cause changes in regular visitation

Let’s look at some factors we’ve seen cause a change in regular visitation.

Change in Open Hours

If a venue changes its open hours, then visitation can be affected.  Doing this arbitrarily without some supporting data can cause issues.

Change in Facilities

Regular visitors will usually have specific habits, and that means particular preferences. Even a slight change in layout or amenities could upset a visitor who’s been accustomed to the same experience for months or even years. There’s not an easy solution for this, as your venue’s needs  will change with time as you grow. Be communicative with your patrons about future updates and build relationships that are open and honest.

Change in Staffing

Just like facilities, the people in your venue make the biggest impact on every person who walks in the door. The loss of a local favorite can be disheartening for the patrons that look forward to their help, but don’t take it too hard. It’s a constant challenge to be providing the best possible service to every patron, and hold that standard for every member of your staff.


Seasonality often affects how patrons utilize a space.  Some coffee shops are more pleasant when it’s raining outside.  Other venues are known for their outdoor patios during spring and summer months.  Although seasonality can affect traffic numbers in general, for regulars, there are a few more variables to consider. The time of year will determine work schedules and free time, which can affect regulars.  The summer might bring in college students or travelers.  Individual work projects bringing in customers might only be during certain seasons.  To take seasonality into account, it’s best to compare your visitation changes to both the prior month and the same month in the prior year.  Looking at both comparisons gives a more precise insight into what effect your changes are having on your patron counts.