Library Room Scheduling Easily

Adding the Meeting Rooms Booking System on the Library Website

In this post, we will be diving into the world of online room reservation systems. More specifically, we will work through integrating the Meeting Rooms booking system seamlessly into your library website. If you prefer to video format you can find video instructions at the bottom of this page! Step 1: Setting Up the Meeting Rooms Booking System

Active Library Meeting Space

New Product Update: Meeting Rooms for Libraries

Announcing a new service from WhoFi, Meeting Rooms serves library and community spaces by simplifying program planning and room scheduling reservations for patrons and staff. In an era of remote work and evolving community needs, libraries continue to play a crucial role by offering co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and programs that bring communities together. While libraries adapt to these changing demands, they also encounter new challenges in fulfilling these needs effectively.

Why Libraries Need High Speed Internet

During COVID-19, high-speed internet is a life-line — that millions of Americans lack. Libraries need high-speed internet to better serve communities. Lack of internet access in some communities has been a problem since the explosion of the internet. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, lack of internet access is creating wider gaps between those with access, and those without.  It means the difference between students being able to get an education, or not. Workers being able to maintain…

The New Normal of Remote Work

Everyone has probably heard the phrase ‘the new normal’ since the COVID-19 outbreak. Every aspect of our lives has changed. At the front and center of this new normal is remote work. We’ve kept businesses running by creatively serving customers and clients while ensuring people are safe while working. From the breakdown of old structures emerges a new way of navigating life–a new normal.  A seismic shift in work and home life Our work and home life quickly became intertwined. Many people…

How Libraries Help Remote Workers

Your public library offers so much value to your community. Everything from children’s programming, language learning, print, audio and digital books, and that’s just the beginning. And what about considering the public library as a workspace for remote workers? Libraries could serve the remote working community by promoting their space as such.  A recent report shows that remote work has surged 400% in the last ten years. Work flexibility is becoming an expectation for the Millennial…