Who’s On My Wifi version 1.0.9

Version 1.0.9 of Who’s On My Wifi was released today.

This version did not add new functionality, but was actually to fix 2 bugs that had been detected.

Bug #1.  The uninstaller bug.  Multiple users had mentioned that primarily on Vista and Windows 7, the Uninstaller would hang and not do anything.  This was because the Who’s On My Wifi program was still running, and the Uninstaller wasn’t sure how to remove a program that was still running in Windows 7 and Vista.  The Uninstaller has been improved to close down all related programs.  Uninstalls and Upgrades should now be much smoother.

Bug #2.  Decryption Event bug.  This was a particularly strange bug having to do with a very unique Registration Code.  All Registration Codes used in Who’s On My Wifi are cryptographically strong, but this very unique Code caused issues with the decryption itself.  Very Strange, but it has now been corrected in this version.