Intrusion Detection Software

Wireless Intrusion Detection Software

Wireless Intrusion Detection Software is a type of program that finds Hardware Intruders (Drive-by Hackers) on your wireless network.

It is the idea that with an additional layer of intelligence, software can determine if a computer that is found on a network is actually supposed to be on the network, or should be considered an Intruder.

Who’s On My WiFi can be used as this kind of software.

There are various ways for a software program to know if a computer should or should not be on the network. Who’s On My Wifi for instance, shows the user the list of all computers and lets users determine what the Good computers are and them assumes that all other computers are “Unknown” computers.

This could also be enhanced to allow for the scheduling of allowed network activity, to notify IT Administrators when a computer is for some reason on the network at 2am, when the employee only works 9am to 5pm.

Because this class of software is called Detection software, at this point, when an Unknown computer is found on the network, the software usually gives some form of notification to the user or IT Administrator.
Common forms of notification are e-mail, SMS messages, voice notifications, etc.

There is a lot of intelligence that can be built into these kinds of software that actively monitor networks and try to help
businesses or organizations keeps their networks effectively monitored.

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