Monitoring a Wireless Network

There are 3 primary methods of monitoring a Wired or Wireless network.

Log Checking The most basic way to monitor your Wireless Network or LAN is by simply checking the Wireless Router logs or by checking the logs of central switches in a large organization. This can show you who is currently on a network and can not be hidden by firewalls.

Monitoring Software The next easiest way to monitor your network is by using Network Monitoring Software. Programs provide basically the same information as a Wireless Router log file, or a central switch Mac Address listing. They are usually easier to use then searching through different log files, and provide a single snapshot of which devices are perhaps ports are in use at the time that the program is run.

Real Time Network Monitoring Software – This can also be called Point in Time Network Monitoring Software.   Essentially, what happens is that software like Who’s On My WiFi takes the same Network Snapshot information that is provided by Network Monitoring Software, but does this in an automated manner, and then stores the information into a database for real time analysis, later analysis, or other specific functions.

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