Why Monitor a Wireless Network?

There are many reasons people would like to know in Real Time what devices are on their wireless network.

There are currently 2 primary applications for Real Time Monitoring a Wired or Wireless network

Wireless Analytics – Given the amount of information available on a wireless network, it would be nice to be able to make better business or organizational decisions based on this information.  WiFi Analytics is a growing field that takes the data available about devices, users, and usage patterns over time, and helps to inform decisions with numeric values instead of just anecdotal evidence.

Wireless Intrusion Detection / Prevention – If a software can know exactly which devices are on the network, can it also know when an unexpected, unknown, or potentially dangerous device is on the network, and then notify IT Professionals, or even automatically remove the device from the network.  Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention is a growing field for those with information to protect.

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