How To Improve Community Spaces In 2020

Communities thrive on interaction. A pleasant and well-designed public space or gathering place has the power to bring people together, which builds stronger communities through connection. When people are connected-every individual, parent, child, and family feel supported. These thriving communities take intentional effort and thoughtful planning. Voters, city planners, businesses and managers of public spaces work together to bring the vision to life. 

Many of these improvements require hands-on work, from the construction of the space to programming for the patrons. How can community leaders and public space managers monitor the effectiveness of this planning? 

While bringing people together in real-life forms connections like no online interaction can, access to information via the internet is something your space sees as important. That’s why your space offers free WiFi and that investment in the community you serve demonstrates your commitment to its’ growth and prosperity. You want to improve their experience and community space. So how can you track large-scale trends of real-life visitors who use your space? 

WiFi analytics is a simple solution to improving your community space in 2020.

Businesses with websites can easily see how website visitors are interacting with them, and tailor the customer experience to consumer habits and preferences, but this only works for the online world. Until recently there hasn’t been a way to get this level of information for real-world visitors. But now, WiFi analytics offers a solution to get in-depth data that’s easy to understand.

WiFi analytics provides answers to these common questions:

  • Are you reaching the people you intend to reach? 
  • Is there an extra level of communication you can offer to increase attendance?
  • Is there a particular group that is frequenting your space that would benefit from a program or information? 
  • What time of day are people visiting most? 
  • Should you adjust your programming calendar and timing?
  • How can you attract more remote workers to your space? 

Being able to see how your visitors are using your space, frequency of their visits, if their visit coordinates with a program, and if overall visitor numbers increasing will give you valuable insight into the performance of your space and programming. Big picture data can be gleaned from this technology while maintaining user privacy.

So What Is WiFi Analytics?

Put simply, WiFi analytics is like the Google analytics of the physical world. This technology enables you to use the information available through your existing wireless network to learn more about your visitors and how to best serve your community. With software downloaded to your existing hardware, you can:

  • Monitor devices connected to your WiFi
  • Track visitor count and dwell time
  • Count recurring vs. new visits
  • Learn more about visitor demographics

All of this valuable insight can be gained while maintaining visitor privacy by using a one-way encryption method. This allows your business to see large scale trends of visitor behavior and patterns without compromising trust or identities. The WhoFi analytics solution provides a detailed analysis of physical spaces so community spaces and businesses can make data-driven decisions while maintaining visitor anonymity.

If you want to improve your program’s reach, effectiveness, community outreach, create loyal customers, or enhance your space or business in general- WiFi analytics is your solution. 

The great thing about WhoFi WiFi analytics solution is that you already have the hardware you need to run this program. Our WiFi analytics solution works with your existing hardware and can be installed by just about anyone-no IT background required. Adding WiFi analytics is the easiest solution to make community improvements in 2020. Check out our full list of WhoFi compatible routers and access points. 

Take action today and schedule a demo to see how WhoFi WiFi analytics can help you improve your community space.