WhoFi Customers Can Download WiFi Analytics Book For Free

Exciting news for our WhoFi partners: our recently published book, WiFi Analytics: Track, Improve, Grow, is now available to all customers as our gift to you. You can access your digital copy of the WiFi analytics book by logging into your WhoFi dashboard and going to the monthly report section. 

At WhoFi, we strongly believe that insights gained through WiFi analytics can improve communities and strengthen public spaces. This is why our co-founder, John Kerber, recently published a book about WiFi analytics and how it helps real-world communities. We’re very excited to release it to all of our customers!

What’s the WiFi analytics book about? 

This book explains all about the emerging and exciting technology of WiFi analytics in an easy-to-read format. WiFi analytics is a tool to help create strong communities. This technology can transform your community space or public library while building trust through maintaining visitor privacy. The book covers topics including which industries are using WiFi analytics and what hardware, software, or service you need to get started. You’ll learn more about the specific technologies that work together to improve public venues and communities, such as social WiFi, foot traffic, guest WiFi, WiFi marketing, and presence analytics. There’s also special coverage on user privacy so you can ask smart questions and make informed decisions.

WhoFi helps real-world spaces understand and engage with their patrons within the building and beyond. And when your community is spending more time at home, keep them engaged and connected.  With the insights we provide, you’re more prepared to meet organizational needs with proper staffing, programs, and resources to meet community needs.

Whether you’re a long-time customer or just started with our service, this book can provide valuable knowledge so you can better understand the power of WiFi analytics and how to use it to improve and serve your community. If your library or community space recently gained a new director, this book would be a great asset to share. 

How to download your ebook

  1. Login to your WhoFi customer account.
  2. Navigate to the monthly reports section.
  3. Here, there will be a downloadable version of the book.
  4. Click and save to your computer or device.

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