Community Calendar Branding Customization

The Community Calendar features just keep getting better! Community Calendar was developed because our library partners wanted a way to create events once and publish directly to their library website. This would eliminate the need for multiple entry of events and free up valuable time.

Now, your Community Calendar integrates directly with your website and you can customize it for your own branding. 

First, email our support team at to let us know you want to create your Community Calendar. We’ll set up the iFrame for you, and you’ll get a notification once it’s complete. Then within your account dashboard, you can find HMTL code that you’ll copy and paste into your website directly. Once that’s done the calendar integration should be complete and live on your website. 

You can easily create events and publish them directly to your new Community Calendar that’s integrated into your website. The Community Calendar allows you to create one-time or recurring events and has prepopulated categories that match what you’ll need for the PLS. 



And now you can even customize your Community Calendar branding!

Make your calendar integration even more seamless by customizing it to fit your library branding (images, colors, logos). We’ve made it easy to set up so you can select your library colors, quickly upload your logo, and update any images. Since the Community Calendar iFrame is already set up for you, all you need to do is make a few selections to customize the appearance, click save, and you’re done! 

Organize events with color coding

You can improve the appearance of your Community Calendar by color coding events so recurring events or particular categories have the same color. All you have to do is add a category, give it a name and choose a color that you would like it to appear. This makes it easier for patrons to identify which events they want to attend. 



Easy set-up and support

Your WhoFi team works with you to ensure the setup process goes smoothly and is here to answer any questions you may have. Partners will also have access to tutorial videos as you’re learning how to use your Community Calendar. It can be helpful to watch a video, pause it, and then implement what you learned. And of course, you can reach out to the support team at