Get Better Results and Save Time With Library Automation Software

The past two years have proven that libraries are invaluable. It’s a truth already known, and was further cemented during the Covid-19 pandemic. While libraries continue to serve communities and go above and beyond during times of crisis, their resources are stretched thin. One way to alleviate some of the workload is to automate certain tasks, like data collection. Libraries can improve their services and gain valuable insight by implementing library automation software. 

How can library automation software work for your library? 

The WhoFi solution works with the technology you already have which makes it easy to integrate into your current public library WiFi system. What’s even better is that it can be installed by just about anyone-no IT background required. The set-up process is easy and straightforward with minimal hands-on time required from you. 

The system works quietly in the background to gather WiFi insights while you focus on serving patrons and big picture projects. All insights are gathered together in a user-friendly dashboard where you can view statistics like how many visitors you had, how long a patron uses your WiFi and how often, and other numbers you’ll need to fill out the annual PLS report. 

What is WiFi analytics for public libraries?

WiFi Analytics is an automation tool that provides valuable insights about patron visits. Once installed, this technology gives you the information you need to learn more about your patrons so you can better serve them and your community. 

What kinds of things can WiFi analytics library automation software do? A lot! And automatically, of course. With software downloaded to your existing hardware, you can:

  • Count how many devices are connected to your WiFi
  • Determine how long patrons stay at the library
  • identify when a new patron visits the library
  • Identify how frequently a patron returns to the library
  • Differentiate recurring vs. new visits
  • Determine if a patron visit coordinates with a particular event
  • Learn more about visitor demographics

All of this valuable insight can be gained while maintaining visitor privacy by using a one-way encryption method. This allows libraries to see large scale trends of visitor behavior and patterns without compromising trust or identities. Library automation software like WhoFi – WiFi analytics gives you the tools you need so you can make data-driven decisions while maintaining visitor anonymity. 

Benefits of WiFi analytics 

  • Help decision makers understand how patrons are using the library
  • Provide a big picture view of library program and outreach success
  • Identify how, when and how frequently patrons use the library WiFi and other technology 
  • Free up more time for library staff to focus on larger projects
  • Provides in-depth information and easy-to-understand reports for directors and boards
  • Saves a lot of time filling out PLS reports
  • Ensures accurate reporting
  • Creates standardized metrics 

WhoFi library automation software provides immense value to public libraries and their communities all while keeping patron information completely private. 

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