Small town libraries making a big impact

Doland Community Library

The Doland Community Library relies on its director Natasha Noethlich to carry out most of its services. In an effort to ensure all of the library’s upcoming events were available to the public, Natasha added the Community Calendar from WhoFi to the library website. Natasha can now share the library’s upcoming events such as the Ceiling Tile Painting Project going on now. You can see some of the great designs the community has come up with below:

Doland Community Library Ceiling Tile Project

Events like these show that even down to the fixtures the library and its director are made by the community for the community. In providing additional visibility Natasha hopes to help bring even more of the community together.

Auburn Public Library

Donetta Stewart serves Auburn Public Library and its community even when she’s not at the library. Before utilizing WhoFi services, provided by the State Library of Iowa, Donetta had no way of gathering WiFi session counts for advocacy or state reporting. Donetta would often see people sitting outside of the library on Sundays using the WiFi and knew that despite not being open the library’s services were still being relied upon by patrons.

Auburn Public Library Impact

Two years ago Donetta began using WhoFi services for WiFi Usage as well as Community Calendar. Utilizing monthly reports on WiFi usage Donetta was able to put numbers behind the story for the board and secure grant funds for a new solar charger for patrons outside of the library.

Solar Charger Outside of Auburn Public LibraryDonetta is also utilizing the Community Calendar to share about weekly gatherings and state webinars. She says that it has helped, “efficiently track programs, their target audience, and the attendance more easily” and input them into the annual state report.

Small Town Libraries Make a Big Impact

In a recent article from Library Journal doctors Gustina and Norton said, “when libraries operate as one of—if not the only—public resources in their community, then the town’s success will be the institution’s success.”

Natasha and Donetta both serve as library directors in towns with populations less than 500. It is not uncommon for them to wear many hats while trying to provide services that will positively impact the communities they serve. You can see stories from other partners using technology to advocate for their communities here. By leveraging tools like WhoFi both Natasha and Donetta are able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time serving the needs of the community.

Reducing the reporting burden allows for time to use the information to positively impact the communities libraries serve. If you would like to see if the WhoFi service is right for you please click the button below to schedule a time to connect. We look forward to learning more about your library and community!

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