WhoFi Launches New Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design

This month WhoFi has launched a new dashboard design to improve upon the simplicity and ease of use already offered to our partners. This new design functionality is similar to previous versions such that everything is easy to navigate for existing users. In addition to cosmetic updates we have included some updates to the design of those reports most commonly utilized by partners. 

New Dashboard


WiFi Analytics

First, all WiFi reports can now be found in the filter drop down for WiFi Usage. From there libraries can access all of the same reports they already use for advocacy and reporting. Monthly downloadable reports can be found in the same spot on the menu as in the previous design.

New vs Return Users WiFi


Community Calendar

Next, the Community Calendar create menu now features three tabs to organize information for events:

  • Events includes all the information necessary to create an event in Community Calendar
  • Event Details where libraries can include internal notes about the upcoming event as well as their category and their virtual platform as needed
  • Integrations which allows libraries to input all the details to be listed on the library’s website. This includes details patrons may find helpful such as the description, registration, organizer information, image to be displayed, and more.
Attendance in the Archive Menu

Finally, the Archive menu is an easy place to enter any additional attendance information after events have ended. Any information not included when the event was created can be added easily from this menu. Also, as always the filter view makes it simple to export attendance data quickly.

Archive Menu


All updates to the WhoFi dashboard are based on library feedback in order to reduce the reporting burdens felt by library staff. We hope that our partners will continue to provide excellent feedback to continue development into the future.

If you have any questions regarding the WhoFi service or how we can alleviate administrative burdens for your library please contact us at support@whofi.com.