Who Is On My Wifi Version 3.0.1

Version 3.0.1 of Who Is On My Wifi Windows was released this morning.

This release fixed bugs related to logging and error handling in both the Blocking and Online API systems.

This was considered a bug fix release, and does not contain new features or functionality.

Added Additional Logging on Blocking System

Under certain conditions, it was possible to receive error messages when blocking a device that were constantly being displayed every second or so.

This caused an issue in that it was hard to cancel out of the error without stopping the program completely.

The new logging and error handling added to the Blocking system should help both in diagnosing any problems that customers have regarding to blocking, should help log the errors correctly to the Home Screen Block Log for later analysis, and should also help eliminate at least some of these error messages that were causing people to have to stop the program.

Added Additional Logging to the Online System

The Who’s On My Wifi desktop works in conjunction with our Who’s On My Wifi Online API to send data back and forth between the local network and the Online system.

There were errors being displayed under certain conditions when communicating with the API that were causing the program to either display several errors or crash.  These errors should now be fixed or at the very least contained to log correctly to the Home Screen Online Log.